Gene Taylor has been passionate about photography since the early days of his childhood. Barely able to calculate apertures and shutter speeds, he began shooting with an old manual Argus rangefinder 35mm camera. This gift from his father along with hours together learning basic photography skills and building a darkroom in the basement of their family home were the beginnings of a passion that took over his entire being.

Gene Taylor does not subscribe to the common phrase of 'capturing the moment' with the camera. Drawing from the vast experiences of his well travelled life, he shoots with an intimate and uncanny understanding of his subjects. Taylor’s signature is in the raw and often unedited qualities of his images. His work reflects a journalistic style that provides a perspective based on his ability to tell a story of emotions without words thus ‘releasing the moment’.

Taylor resides and works in New York, Chicago and around the world.

All images and original text © 2010 Gene Taylor